Technical Support: The Silent Connection

Technical means “relating to a particular subject, art, or craft, or its techniques“, Support translates as “give assistance to, especially financially; enable to function or act“. If we combine these two words, Technical Support is “a service provided by a hardware or software company which provides registered users with help and advice about their products”. Many of you will mistakenly think that this is the position where we will go to support the employees in the company in installing, checking the machines, or providing the “wifi pass” for you. However, if you think about it that way, you’ve made a small mistake about the Technical Support position. To know more about that small mistake of yours, please also follow my article below.

A few words about the position of Technical Support

There are 2 key factors to help you understand the Technical Support position that I want to target you: Customers and programming knowledge.

Customer satisfaction is the goal that not only the Customer Support team is aiming for, but the Technical Support team will also put the top priority. The customer factor here is one of the “highlights” to reduce the dryness of programming enthusiasts.

Yes. At this point, you really understand the Technical Support position that you want to mention. That’s the job where we use our expertise in programming, our understanding of the app’s features, and the technologies it has to help our customers deal with the problems they face. they have a better experience with the app and achieve the goals that customers aim for.


If customer satisfaction is a big stage, then Customer Support people are the artists performing on that stage, and Technical Support is the guys behind the stage. We are more than willing to handle customer issues with detailed and complete communication from our Customer Support so this combination will enhance the customer experience. That is also the goal that our whole team is aiming for. This silence is worth it, isn’t it?

The fun behind the satisfaction

“Thank you so much” are the words that we receive the most in a working day from our lovely Customer Support. That’s what we feel comfortable with after helping you handle problems for customers. That was the first satisfaction we received. The first touch gets the first satisfaction. Followed by the words of thanks, the evaluation of product quality and support from customers is the second point of satisfaction that we receive. That is also the joy from the satisfaction that our Technical Support team receives. To be the guideline and top goal of the team every day.

The excitement about the Technical Support position

  • The first interesting thing is that we have a lot of contacts and understand the customers of the product. Many perspectives and useful information from the problems customers encounter will help us have the insight to improve the product better.
  • Next is the cohesion and teamwork between Technical Support and Customer Support teams. We work together with a common goal of customer satisfaction. This helps the understanding of the work to be pushed up, sometimes just seeing each other will understand what their partners want and what customers need.
  • The dryness of Technical guys will be reduced when contact with customers helps us to have more attractiveness in work.
  • Communication skills and behavior will also be greatly improved. Since you only know how to focus on technology, now you can talk and communicate more easily with customers, thereby helping you learn very good behavior skills.
  • Play the role of a “Super Hero” in helping customers and Customer Support when they have problems that only Technical Support can handle. That is a really great thing.


Author: Tristant Nguyen


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