About BraveBits

The Name

The name is consisted of:

  • “Brave” – This is considered one of the most important elements of your success. To make a difference, we need to be brave enough to try new things;
  • “Bits” is the smallest data unit in IT. Nowadays, with the fast-paced and ever-changing technological advancement, it is crucial to be aware of how little we still are in order to be ready for new knowledges and evolutions. Only with Humbleness will we be able to open our hearts and minds to new horizons.

Standing next to each other, “Bravebits” carries the idea:

“Small, but brave enough to dream, to fight, and to achieve remarkable results”

This idea is also clearly defined in Bravebits’ slogan: “Small, but brave to be remarkable” or simply ”Brave to be remarkable”.

The Logo

Bravebits’ logo can be interpreted in 2 ways:

  • Two B’s designed in LED light style. This showcases our involvement in IT and technical design.
  • A marching army seen from above. This image describes our unity and willingness to help each other whenever in need.

Core Values

1. Winner’s mindset, not loser’s

Facing a new challenge, a BBer will think ”I can do it, there must be a way”.

There should never be a thinking like:

  • “I’ll try, but I’m not sure” or worse
  • “This is too hard, it cannot be done”

If you already think that it’s impossible before doing, you can never get it done right.

2. Beginner’s mindset, not expert’s

These are three quotes for explanation:

“The more I live, the more I learn.

The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know”

Michel Legrand

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity,

And I’m not sure about the former”

Albert Einstein

“In the beginner’s mind, there are possibilities.

But in the expert’s, there are few”

Shunryu Suzuki

With the fast-changing life standard, and technology to be precise, a BBer should also be ready to start a blank page to note down new knowledge. This doesn’t mean following the trends, but rather be willing to open and adapt if necessary.

There is no place for thoughts such as ”I must be right, there can be no other ways”. You should always allow yourself to explore options and opportunities.

3. Focus on the ultimate result, not the task

Given a task, a BBer should consider ”How will my work contribute to the company’s growth?”.  For example:

  • A product manager should not only make a plan but also asks:
    • What’s the market for this new product
    • What’s the estimated revenue coming from the launch of this product
  • A marketer should not only work on the campaign but also considers:
    • How many visitors can this campaign generate?
    • How many percent of that will convert to customers? What’s the revenue?
  • A developer codes and contemplates:
    • How does this feature help the users?
    • Does this make them happy and promote the product to increase sales?
  • A designer produces designs and thinks:
    • Is this design functional enough for clients’ purchase?
    • Is this design attractive or impressive enough for them to buy?
  • A supporter answers clients’ questions and asks herself
    • Does this answer fully resolve their problems?
    • Does it satisfy them and build trust on our products?
    • Are they happy with the service and willing to promote our company?
  • A cook makes the meals but doesn’t forget:
    • Is this meal up to standards of taste and nutrition for the employee’s productivity?
    • Was the money spent wisely?

Anything done by anyone should be aiming at a single goal: growth in revenue. BB is not a charity and BBers are not volunteers. We cover expenses by MONEY and to operate we need MONEY from clients.

There should not be a thinking: “I only need to finish the given task, the responsibilities are of the bosses.” You should research and analyze the cause and goal of your job to ensure its contribution to the overall company growth.


Bravebits was born to become the lever for Vietnamese to fulfill the potential. We’ve got what it takes to achieve international-level success, but hindered by objective circumstances. Now, with the opportunities offered by the flat world, Bravebits’ mission is to lead the way to for Vietnamese to show the world our abilities

Bravebits has been and are executing their mission in two phases:

  1. Directly showcasing Vietnamese-branded products:
    1. JoomlaShine.com – B2B Joomla products in America and Europe market.
    2. WooRockets.com – products for WordPress.
    3. SellerSmith.com – products for Shopify.
  2. Training, consulting, and sharing with fellow companies to assist with world market expansion.

As you can see, working in Bravebits, you will experience the hardships of leading the way for others:

  • Hardship in always choosing new ways
  • Hardship in combining trying new things and ensuring old ways
  • Hardship in keeping moving forward even though a clear path is nowhere to be seen

All in all, it will not be only smooth sailing at Bravebits, but it can be the most memorable trip that you’ll board. How much time do you really have to burn bright?

Brave to be remarkable!


Let’s make a great impact together

Be a part of BraveBits to unlock your full potential and be proud of the impact you make.